Saturday, February 7, 2009


Blood pressure exercise is a good approach to managing high blood pressure rates. Many studies have been conducted involving different age groups and a variety of exercises. All of these have shown that regular physical activity lowers blood pressure for those suffering from hypertension.

Blood pressure exercise can lower systolic pressure to the same degree that treatment with a typical blood pressure-lowering medication does. What’s more, reducing blood pressure to this degree can also reduce stroke and heart attack rates by 25 percent!

Nearly all exercises lower blood pressure. Endurance exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming or biking are most helpful in controlling blood pressure. However, selecting an exercise that is enjoyable and convenient greatly improves your chances of success.

Rebounding is one such blood pressure exercise.

You can jog on your rebounder or mini trampoline, dance on it, skip rope on it – just have fun with it! You can do it in your bedroom or in your office. It does not require special clothing or a personal trainer. More importantly, you can do it in just 10 minutes a day, at any time of the day.

Blood pressure exercise on a rebounder or mini trampoline reduces blood pressure in different ways. First, it does this by reducing body fat, which in turn brings down blood pressure.

Second, rebounding lowers your blood pressure by making you sweat. This helps your body rid itself of water and salt, thereby mimicking the effects of diuretics.

Third, rebounding exercise affects two major hormones in our body, adrenaline and insulin. As a result, this blood pressure exercise lowers both your cholesterol levels and your blood sugar levels.

A rebounding program on a quality unit like David Hall’s Cellerciser® is safer than most exercise programs. It’s patented triple tiered springs and its space age Permatron® mat will protect you from injury.

The balance bar that goes with it prevents accidents from happening and ensures a fun and convenient blood pressure exercise routine.

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